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Connie is a beautiful Appendix (Quarter Horse x Thoroughbred) in her twenties. Connie’s family fell on some hard financial times and were unable to keep her. Connie struggled through the winter, with her family, but in the end the decision had to be made to let her go. 

Connie has been a lesson horse, and has experience on trails and at shows. She has turned out to be a valued addition to our Horsemanship Program, and helps us teach people how to care for our beloved equine friends, as well as to ride and enjoy them. While she is definitely aging, Connie gives it her all and we make sure that her exercise program is in keeping with her elderly years.

In 2018 we decided to retire Connie from lessons after many awesome years of service. But she still needs a job, so we have enrolled her in the liberty program and she is flourishing! She is one happy geriatric! 

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