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Introducing our Liberty Program Available to volunteers as space is available. The focus of HPS since 1984 has been on education of the public to promote a better understanding of horses and their needs.  Our coach, Tabatha Hepworth, offers programs for our volunteers using the horses in our care. This gives the horses a "job" and the volunteers a special experience in learning about horses.


For a very reasonable price volunteers are able to work with the horses on the ground to expand their knowledge and learn to handle horses safely.

New Foundation Natural Horsemanship with Tabatha Hepworth is a lesson program based on training through respect and leadership, rather than utilizing fear and intimidation. While not based on a specific discipline, its focus is on the relationship, respect and communication between horse and human.


You can create a strong language that both you and your horse understand, for without communication you have no building blocks to solve problems. With this program you learn the tools you need to communicate and succeed with a horse; you learn how to be a fair leader. We take an in-depth look at horses’ personalities and how to work with each one safely.

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