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The adoption process: NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE
1.   Submit a completed adoption application and email it to
2.   HPS will call or email to arrange a visit to meet the horse(s).
3.   We will interview you on the phone or during your visit to assess which of our horses would be
      the best fit.

HPS reserves the right to refuse adoption to any applicant we feel may not be compatible.

If you think you've found your 'horse‐mate', take at least a day or two to finalize your decision ‐
do not be hasty! You are making a big commitment.


4.   HPS will conduct a farm visit
5.   Once you have paid the adoption fee, arrangements can be made for delivery of your newest family
      member!  Our adoption fees generally range from $500 to $1200.


Please keep us posted on how the horse is doing. We are always happy to hear about how our horses
are faring in their new homes and would like to keep in touch with you.

If at any time in the future you feel you are no longer able to care for the horse, or feel you
need help with the horse, please contact us!
We will help in any way we can, as we want to ensure a
safe and healthy future for the life of any animal that comes into our care.
Our priority is to find appropriate homes and good matches for our horses. On the rare occasion
that things don’t work out, HPS will accept the return of any horse found unsuitable or unsound
within the first three months. Your adoption fee will be used as a donation and you will receive a
tax receipt. Returns after three months will be subject to assessment on a case by case basis.

No horse will leave HPS unless paid for in full. We can hold a horse for you for up to 4 weeks upon
receipt of a deposit of not less than 20%. If after 4 weeks the horse is not paid for in full and
picked up/delivered, the horse will be relisted for sale and the deposit forfeited.



Thank you for considering the adoption of one of our horses.

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