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               Meet Two Special Seniors

Over the years many horses have blessed us with their company. We feel privileged that some have never moved on, and today make up our seniors. These are horses that have served people over the years in many ways. It's now our job to see them out with dignity. Now in their twenties their riding careers are over, but the liberty program helps to give them purpose and a job (see under programs) and these elders participate in connecting with the many groups that come here to enjoy the horse experience. Enjoy the pics below!

Dixie Eye.JPG

Dixie Mae

Dixie has been with us for many years. We believe she was originally on a dude string, she is an excellent trail horses and has taken many new riders to the park safely. Although it makes her nervous to have babies on her back she does so tenderly. She has gone to shows and performed in Dressage, and now participates in our liberty program where she teaches volunteers how sweet, and sometimes cheeky, an appaloosa can be! Dixie is still ridden lightly, and we often pony her when going out on a ride...she likes to be included and is still often the first to cross a new bridge or water obstacle. Unfortunately, Dixie has developed night blindness and we now make sure she has a safe stall with a night light on every night. 

11 2016 Irene Park.jpg
dressage frame.JPG
Lydia 2 2012.jpg
Maggie Monochrome.jpg

Maggie (Marguerita)

Maggie came to us after she had been unsuitably matched to a new rider who was not able to handle a young warmblood. Originally the intention was to find her a new home but that never seemed to work out. Maggie is a high maintenance, high energy horse with a deep sense of humour and a playful personality. She has represented us at shows, and has spent hours with some of our younger volunteers as they practiced grooming, braiding, leg wrapping, etc. She has a very kind heart, loves babies and children and is a barn favorite with everyone. Maggie is in her twenties now and is only ridden lightly. She needs special shoes and lots of attention and she, too, is learning the liberty routine. Handling her in the arena is not for the faint of heart, but she loves the play time! 

Baby and Mag 2 2012.jpg
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