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HPS provides for the care and welfare of rescued horses and acts as a temporary holding facility on behalf of other organizations across BC. HPS provides a point of contact in the community for any enquiries regarding horse welfare.


We provide the following services:

•     Offer information and advice, take complaints

•     Provide referrals or ultimately intake horses into the program

•      Assist social agencies when clients need emergency horse care/transport

•      Maintain a good working relationship with other horse welfare groups across BC.

Horse Protection Society thoroughly assesses the horses that come in to our care; we work hard to bring these horses back to health; we make sure to evaluate the temperament and abilities of each horse before placing them; we take care to make sure we place horses in appropriate homes. In the case of foals and young stock we ensure that each horse is started under saddle before finding them an adoptive home. For horses that are not able to be ridden we always inform prospective homes of the limitations and we offer ongoing support to each and every horse that leaves our care. When a horse is not able to be placed we do our best to find them a job at our facility as an ambassador, a teacher and a cherished companion.

Our horses, weather they can be ridden or not, are introduced to our liberty program with Tabatha Hepworth. This way they can have fun, bond with our volunteers and have a job they can be proud of regardless of physical and in the future.

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