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The Horse Protection Society of BC is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Directors are selected from the horse community as well as local business, and are elected at our Annual AGM. The term runs for one year, re-election is annual.

Board of Directors



Over 50 years of experience with horses, including riding, training, breeding and caring for a variety of breeds and disciplines. She has also worked as a volunteer for therapeutic riding programs in Alberta and BC. Sharon oversees the care of horses at the facility with her husband, who has extensive farming background. She also brings expertise in the non profit arena and in small business operation.




Irene has always been drawn to horses and rode every chance she got growing up. She volunteered years several years ago at a therapeutic riding facility, eventually taking on the position of Volunteer Coordinator responsible for recruiting and training volunteers. Later on Irene becoming the Resource Manager, responsible for public relations, grant writing and fundraising. Irene currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Langley Horse Federation and volunteers at community horse shows as a scribe, tack checker and many other duties. She also enjoys working with and sponsoring a special rescue horse through HPS.

GENA Barzan

Director of the Interior

Gena runs The Animal Auxiliary Thrift Store in Vernon; supporting the Horse Protection Society, the community of Vernon and surrounding areas and providing valuable disaster relief for the people and animals who are victims of wildfires and floods. We have collaborated on many projects and rescue operations; we often consult on various issues related to horse health, care and ethics.


Gena helps us with calls we receive from the Interior and we help her to bridge Lower Mainland calls that she takes as well.

DIRECTOR - Sales & Marketing


As a young girl living in Montreal Sylvia's love for horses began at 15 when a friend took her riding in Oka, a town outside the city limits. With no experience except her new found passion she quickly applied for a job working every summer in the stables of Camp Kennebec in Arden Ontario. As a career Air Canada Flight Attendant and Health & Safety Chairperson, Sylvia transferred to Vancouver where she married and later moved to White Rock. Sylvia reconnected with horses as a volunteer and in the winter of 2003 she and her husband were instrumental in helping rescue 22 pregnant mares from a PMU farm in Northern Manitoba. One of those mares was 8 year old Quinn, who became a ward of HPS. Sylvia and her husband Steven sponsored, rehabilitated and eventually adopted Quinn. Today at 20 Quinn spends her days happily riding in Campbell Valley Park and in her "forever home" with Sylvia and Steven. Sylvia continues to volunteer at HPS and proudly looks after the Thrift Barn.




At the age of 10, Ian  was introduced to riding by a family friend who competed at novice level. He was able to show one of her horses at  the local Agricultural show as a junior, and then started weekly riding lessons  at Brockley Stables.  By the age of
16, he was competing regularly at junior level.  At 17 Ian had 3 JA level horses on the  circuit and competed successfully for the remaining 2 junior years in both show jumping and in 3-phase competition. In Zimbabwe show jumping is too small to be a professional sport. However, holding down a full-time job and competing at the highest level on a couple of horses was Ian’s way of supporting the sport he loved. Prior to and through sanctions in Zimbabwe, he enjoyed a very competitive A-grade (1.40m) circuit with regular international outings. We are privileged to have Ian as one of our instructors here at HPS and thankful that he continues to promote HPS through his involvement in the local show circuit. 




Lyz has been involved with horses as long as she can remember. They have been her passion and her inspiration. It wasn't long after finally acquiring her first horse, that she began sharing her passion by training and coaching others. Lyz has been a certified CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association) level 2 English and Western coach since 2002 and has been a Chris Irwin certified coach and trainer (silver level) since 2004. Lyz believes in learning to speak a horse’s body language so well that we truly ”hear” how they feel about being handled and ridden, then developing the skills to give a horse what it needs so that he or she will happily give us what we want – a solid connection that engenders a willingness to enjoy safe, comfortable, relaxed rides wherever we wish to go. Lyz was certified as an Equine Therapist by the Helen Woods School of Equine Studies in 2010, and has been providing massage and structural alignment treatments to horses ever since. Lyz also holds a diploma with distinction in Equine Studies and a certificate with distinction in Equine Business Management from the University of Guelph. We are fortunate to have Lyz as one of our instructors here at HPS, as well as having her help with our horses' health and welfare through her truly gifted equine therapy.


Secretary and Director at Large

Sarah has been involved with horses for most of her life. She is dedicated to finding the best approach to fostering a happy relationship between horse and rider/handler. Sarah's work on grants has been invaluable in putting HPS on the map! Sarah is always willing to help with fundraising activities, she does hours of research for us, including many fact finding phone calls, to help us hone our approach to future development. Sarah is also one of our instructors, and she helps with riding some of our more challenging horses.

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