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Fostering Program


Whether horses are being seized by authorities, or people are offering them up for rescue, they often need immediate help. It will never be affordable to have a facility that can take all the horses in need. Because of the size of animal, and the space needed to keep them, the only practical solution is a network of approved foster homes, where horses can thrive in a home like setting.

HPS has established a data base of homes that could take an animal on short notice. We see this as similar to a “safe” house, where the horse is protected and can be assessed and cared for until its future can be determined. HPS administrators and volunteers assess homes and follow up on placements.

The Horse Protection Society of BC (HPS) is currently working to develop a data base of foster homes to help in addressing this desperate need.

If you feel you can help by fostering one or more horses, or by volunteering in some other capacity, please contact us (below).


Mail to:

Horse Protection Society of BC

4370 224th Street

Langley, BC V2Z 2V5   


Email to:

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