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The Horse Protection Society of BC is 100% donor and volunteer supported. We look for a variety of opportunities to raise funds, including; applying for grants; hosting annual sales; putting on a pub night and information clinics; an on-site thrift store; a used clothing bin; online sales of logo merchandise. 

Your financial support is vital to support horses in need on an ongoing basis. 

Scroll down to find some of the ways you can help.


- Organize your own membership drive or fundraising event such as a car wash, bake sale, garage sale or craft sale.
- Donate the proceeds from your horse shows, horse clinics or any event you participate in.

- Donate tack and supplies. We use what we can and sell whatever is left.
- Take up a collection at work with co-workers. Put a donation box at work. Ask your employer to match funds raised.
- One time donation - OR - Monthly giving plan.
- Sponsorship.
- Become a volunteer!


The purpose of membership is:
1. To contribute to the care of the horses.
2. To comply with original by-laws.
3. To keep a current data base of our supporters.
4. To afford us leverage when applying for grants.

Membership fees

$10/yr. Individual 
$15/yr. Family Membership.

Pay by using the Paypal button. Include your name and contact information in your message.

Money raised by HPS is used 100% towards the well being of horses, and donations (in excess of the membership fee) can be issued a tax receipt. 

Members and donors receive a newsletter periodically (by email) to keep everyone informed on important issues regarding horse welfare issues.


We occasionally have a horse available for adoption, and we screen our adoptive homes carefully to make sure our charges are passed on to the appropriate hands. Each horse, and each prospective family, have individual needs. What may work for one may not work for the other, so we do our best to facilitate a happy, long-term match.   

Adoption Fees: Although placing a horse in the best possible home is the most important criteria, we do charge an adoption fee. Fees never cover the cost of raising/keeping/training/ caring for our horses, but they help. Also, we feel that a horse is valued more when it comes with a price tag, even a modest one.

Click the Paper Clip to Print The Form:


If you would like to donate your gently used horse supplies and tack, here is a list of some things we are always in need of. 


We will use what we need or sell to raise funds for our programs. 

Your donations are greatly appreciated!

 - Stall forks
- Brooms & Shovels
- Pellet bedding
- Bridles
- Lead ropes
- Lunge lines/whips
- Saddle pads
- Girths
- Rain sheets/blankets

- Water buckets

- Medical supplies – i.e. bandages, leg wraps, etc.
- Two way clips/fasteners
- Rubber stall mats
- Board fencing
- Plywood
- Page wire horse fencing
- Fence posts
- Gates & hinges
- Hoses 

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