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Canada's First Horse Hospice

Many people are unwilling to deal with humanely euthanizing their horses, believing that the costs are prohibitive, and realizing that the size of the animal makes disposal difficult and unpleasant. Often these animals are abandoned in fields where they die a slow death, or they are shipped to auction where they may be sold for meat value. People see this as a “neater” solution, but slaughter house practices are archaic and inhumane in the extreme.

Our facility allows the horse to stay until it’s comfortable and settled (usually a couple of days) and to have a “buddy” next to him/her for company. We create a setting where horse and owner can feel peaceful and private for their final moments, and a grief counsellor for people who may need comfort and support. The horse is treated with respect and dignity, well fed, and groomed before being humanely euthanized. Financial assistance may be provided to those who qualify.


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