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Equine Survivor Program

Due to an aging population of horse owners HPS recognizes a real need for people to have a care plan in place for their animals in the event of their own passing. Many people don’t have a suitable friend or relative with whom to entrust the care of their horses, yet they still want to responsibly provide for their animals.

Once registered in our program, the estate may contact us when death occurs and we will make sure the horse is cared for immediately, and appropriate action taken as per instructions that we keep on file.


Under the Equine Survivor Program, HPS will arrange for the care of horses upon the death of the owners as follows:

1.         Where reasonably possible, we will arrange to place the horse(s) in foster care or permanent adoption.

2.         If that is not possible, we will keep the horse(s) ourselves, if feasible.

3.         As a last resort, if we cannot place the horse(s) in another home or keep them ourselves, we will arrange to have them humanely euthanized.

We currently have 2 horses in our care Magnet and Claire who are equine survivors.

Click on the Paper Clip for our Equine Survivor Application Form

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