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GREAT NEWS! After a period of rehab due to injuries over the past year, Cindy Lou has a new leaser...AND she gets to stay here! That's just the best of both worlds! Thanks, Penny!


Born in June of 2010, Cindy Lou has come to stay. Rescued with her extended family, all found homes but Cindy Lou! Cute as a button, babies like Cindy Lou are difficult to place well because people know that it will be years of feeding and care before Cindy Lou is able to be ridden or used. 

Nutrition is an important issue at this young age and Cindy Lou has had nothing but grass since being weaned at a very early age. Because of this we have had to purchase blankets and rain sheets to keep her warm, in spite of the thick, soft baby coat she has grown. 

Cindy Lou has a willing temperament and stunning good looks! She has turned out to be much bigger than we thought she would, and she definitely shows her quarter horse side in her build. She has shown herself to be independent and brave, as indicated when she went to the Mane Event in Chilliwack in October of 2010. She was undaunted by the crowds and the noise, and she worked willingly for Daryl Gibb as he demonstrated training techniques suitable for youngsters!

Cindy Lou was originally scheduled for adoption once she was started under saddle but she has turned out to be such a reliable mount that she is now integrating into our school program. She takes students to the park and she has been kind and reliable to even the youngest riders. She's a keeper!


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