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Q. Can we ride a horse we sponsor? 

A. In some cases, if the horse you sponsor is sound and rideable you may be able to ride him/her. You may be required to take lessons on that horse, you will be assigned days/times that your horse will be available, and you will likely be required to do some chores for your horse that day, as well as keeping tack clean and serviceable.


Q. Will we receive a tax receipt for our adoption fees?

A. No, according to Government regulations we are not able to issue a tax receipt if you receive something for your donation, i.e. a horse, or even a halter or other sale item.


Q. If I make an in-kind donation of goods, how can I get a tax receipt?

A. You need to submit an invoice with the total amount being donated, and indicate on the invoice that it is a donation and no payment is outstanding, then we can issue you a tax receipt.


Q. When will you be opening your Hospice?

A. We are accepting horses in need now. However, we are currently raising funds to build a special place for them and we hope to have this accomplished in 2012.


Q. How old do you have to be to join the Horsemanship Program?

A. You must be 10 years old or older.....seniors are welcome too!

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