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    Lacy Jane

Lacy came to us as a two year old when her owner was forced to downsize quickly. She was not only beautiful, but she had a sweet and willing nature. We were sure we could find her a great home once she was started under saddle. In fact, we took Lacy to show "in-hand" and she won Grand Champion one year and Reserve Champion the next. (Pics below).

Once under saddle Lacy came up with numerous soundness issues. In the end, and consulting with the vet, the decision was made not to ride her anymore.

Lacy still needed a job, and she was unhappy not having one. We started her in the liberty program (see under programs) and she turned out to be a superstar! She loves the work, she is going to make an excellent ambassador for HPS and will no doubt stay sound for years to come. 

Lacy is a bit high maintenance, she has a special diet and special shoes, but she has proven herself to be more than worth it!

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June 2013 Ribbon.jpg
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