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Princess is a stunningly beautiful 2001 Warmblood, with loads of training and a lovely disposition as well.

Princess came to us from a wonderful home where she was well cared for. When her family needed to downsize she came to us so she could continue to work, and show off her training in dressage.

Princess needed some time to build up her fitness after not working for a year, but is now working and showing off once again! She is now ready for more advanced riders to continue on in our Horsemanship Program. We look forward to seeing her more often in the show ring, she's stunning!

Princess is kind of a high maintenance gal. She requires shoes to support her back for riding, a special diet (tailored to a Princess' needs) and she must keep her exercise program up in order to keep her toned after her long period of rehab due to previous injury. She is sound and working now and we'd like to keep her that way! Princess is looking for sponsors to help with her costs....she may not be ridden as much in our programs, but she is an excellent ambassador for HPS! $125/mo. would go a long way.

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