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Fall is on the way!

As fall approaches and the weather cools, the days get shorter and we need to prepare for winter. It's time to shed the summer coat and air out our fall and winter blankets. It's also a great time to inspect for broken buckles and straps, make sure our dental, de-worming and vaccination schedule is up to date and start thinking about our winter routine.

It's been a difficult summer for countless fire victims and they will face feed shortages going into winter as well. We would like to thank the generous people who have donated to the fire and rescue cause this year....many have gone above and beyond - and special thanks to Gena and Dale, our associates at the Animal Auxiliary in Vernon for spearheading efforts to support displaced victims and get supplies out. They have worked tirelessly for months!


We still need sponsors for some of our old-timers. All donations are

greatly appreciated!

Check back here often to find out about upcoming events and workshops. Visit our blog to learn more.

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