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 We are happy to welcome Claire into our family. Claire is a beautiful Belgian mare who recently came to HPS with her little buddy Magnet. Pictured here with her previous friend and owner, Claire has loads of training and great life experiences. She was loved and cherished and well taken care of. Sadly, Claire's "person" passed away recently. 
   Over the last year or so Claire has lost her sight. Her owner's family have done a wonderful job taking care of Claire and her friend Magnet (check out his page too). However, recognizing that the horses needed more care and attention than they could give, the family set out to find a good home for them both...and they chose us!

   Claire will be staying with us for good, and we will be looking for sponsors to help with the cost of her care. We will most certainly find her a "job" here on the farm; her training and confidence are helping her adjust to her new environment, and a job will help her to feel like a real and useful member of the family!

   For an unexplained reason Claire's glaucoma has mostly gone into remission and she has most of her eyesight back again. She still has some rehab to do as she has a problem with her hip, but it doesn't stop her from kicking up her heels on a regular basis...lots of spunk for a girl going into her twenties!!

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