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Meet: Mr. P.

(aka Pali the Palomino)

We are so pleased to announce that Mr. P. is starting to work under saddle! And, of course he is as amazing as ever! A lovely and talented young woman, Julia Tuytel, has been working with him and she is doing a wonderful you can see by the pictures. We'll keep you updated on his progress!

Mr. P. was adopted by a woman for training, and it was quickly apparent that they weren't a good match for each other. At the time Tabatha Hepworth was doing some work with him and she saw potential. Since Tabatha didn't have room for him in her stable we agreed to have him come to us.

Tabatha and one of her advanced students, Valerie, have been working with Mr. P. here at HPS since September 2018 and he certainly is showing promise. He was a challenge to halter, lead, pick up feet and it was clear that he had experienced some harsh treatment in the past. With a lot of patience from Tabatha and Valerie he is learning that there is no fear involved in his relationship with humans. 

Mr. P.'s estimated age is about nine years old (approx. 2010 birthdate). He is not only gorgeous, but he's smart and with lots of attention from everyone at the barn he's learning to enjoy socializing with people too. It'll be some time before he is ready to be ridden but we feel confident he will get there. At the moment his is doing very well with his liberty sessions...what a smart boy!

Since Mr. P. will be with us for a long time. Sponsors will be needed to help with his care. Even as little as $100 per month can help to cover his hay costs. 

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